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new graphic community

Hey everyone, in my last update I told you all about my tumblr account. Well now I have a new graphics community called paper_chasing  I encourage everyone to check it out if they want to keep up with my graphics posts because that is where I will be posting them from now on [and on my tumblr]. Below is a preview of my newest update which you can view here.

1-9 the lion king
10-22 megan fox
23-28 random male actors
29-43 keira knightley
44-48 ian somerhalder
49 game of thrones
50-57 emma watson
58-60 emily browning
61-68 dan radcliffe
69-82 dream high
83-88 beauty and the beast
89-98 boys over flowers
99-102 blair waldorf

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I have finally caved and created a tumblr account. I'll be posting most if not all my gifs on there that I make (and of course other types of graphics). I'm new at this whole thing so please be patient with me. It took me forever to learn how to post gifs. :p I encourage you all to follow and to post your tumblr's below for me to follow. 

I'm probably not going to be posting many graphics here anymore. I just don't have the time to post mass graphic posts. I will most likey still post a few icon updates from time to time, just not on the scale I once did.
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I used to put all my resources in my profile, but now I am actually making a post for them because there are so many. Please comment below if you notice any broken links. :D

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new layout & some new graphics

Keira Knightley
(this is a small update. I'll probably have a much bigger one soon. I just wanted to post saying that I have not stopped making icons. I've just been extremely busy this semester.<3 I hope you all like the new layout.)

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Random Graphics

So here's a little bit of what I've been working on lately. Sorry for the no updates. School has been ruling my life lately. Hopefully soon I will have an icon update. Be for warned this will be a big post to load. Here's a small preview:

I have included, icons, blends, banners and signatures:

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The Great Hall and a few other things...

First I want to start off telling you all about this wonderful new Harry Potter site that I help to mod. Its a really fun place to get together and discuss Harry Potter. There is also an interactive House Cup competition. If any of you are interested in the site just click on the thumbnail below. :D

Secondly I have actually been working on a new icon update. Its gonna be a little different because they are all on one canvas. Before I post I'll probably be pasting a few on new canvas for you to use. So be on the lookout for that.

Other than that I have been making graphics like crazy. I'm part of a graphics contest site that is tons of fun. So I will probably be posting some of my entries here as well.

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Its been a month......

Wow, sorry guys that I haven't posted much on here. :/ From here on out I shouldn't be to busy and I should have a graphics post hopefully soon... It depends though. Well there is a reason that I haven't been on LJ much. And its all due to two Harry Potter sites. The first one: . I made most of the graphics on there. The default, Dueling Club, Hermione Granger, Slytheirn, Liquid Luck, Luna Lovegood, Ravenclaw, Ron/Hermione, Ron Weasley, Staff were all made by me. Along with the buttons. I also made most of the icons featured on the site.

As for the second site that has kept me busy:
Again, I made all the schemes EXCEPT: Hufflepuff, Classrooms, and Room of Requirement. All of the deafult schemes were made by me. And over 800 + icons were made by me. So I have been one busy little bee. If you are interested in joining, I would appreciate it if you referred Lily Evans (that's me LOL). I hope to see you guys there.

All my links are at the top of my LJ. So good chances that if I'm not posting here I'm busy at one of those links. I also have a graphics shop open on both sites. So that keeps me very busy too.

Again I'm sorry for being so MIA on here. But both these sites have taken a lot of my time.
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Hey everyone,

It has finally happened. I have caved and now I have a twitter account. I mostly did it for a forum that I go on (you got points for joining) but now I like twitter and use it pretty often. You can reach me at:

Oh and you may have heard of spymaster. Its my new obsession!!! And I would love for my spy ring to grow. :p So if you play follow me and I will return the favor. I hope to see you guys there. =]